Our Research

In the Assessment, Pain Intervention, & Resilience (ASPIRE) Lab, we are focused on understanding biopsychosocial mechanisms associated with chronic pain, arguably the most prevalent and costly public health condition in the developed world. Historically, research has focused on risk factors associated with chronic pain, with limited research examining mechanisms that are protective against pain and disability. Our research endeavors to examine resilience as a target for intervention through the investigation of positive factors that optimize responses to pain. The laboratory uses a variety of laboratory-based methods, including quantitative sensory testing and ecological momentary assessment, as well as clinical trials methodology to assess and treat pain, with current projects targeting resilience, women’s health, disparities, and the development of psychotherapeutic pain treatments.


Our researchers are eager to both share our research on a national and international stage, and learn from others in our profession. Check out some of our recent oral and poster presentations at conferences from across the country.

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